About us

About Restroom Portable Toilet

Restroom Portable Toilet Enterprise is a leading company providing a diverse range of portable/mobile sanitation products. We provide you with a higher level of cleanliness and service that are designed to meet your needs – no matter where you are.

Founded in 3rd April 2000. It has been the company mission of Restroom Portable Toilet Enterprise to be the leading portable toilet hire company, providing our customers with superior and comprehensive services in Malaysia, from high quality portable/portable toilet to installing, cleaning and disinfecting portable toilets, for various events, functions and even construction sites.

Our history

Restroom Portable Toilet is the nation's leader in the portable toilet hire service. We provide large fleet of portable sanitation equipment and trusted by many service providers. Our wide selection of solutions, products and our fast services provide peace of mind during all phases of projects.


Restroom Portable Toilet Enterprise commenced trading in 2015 with an emphasis on improving the quality of sanitation and hygiene in Johor Bahru, Malaysia


From early years we have retained our clients due to the excellent products and services we provide. The Johor Bahru, Malaysia we supply now include Johor, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur. We also cater to Langkawi.


The placement of a portable toilet is a dilemma faced by many clients. However, with our experience we can help and advise on the best location, be it for a wedding, party or event big or small.