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Standard Portable Toilets

Standard Portable Toilets

The advantage of Standard Portable Toilets is that they are totally self-contained, and so can be sited virtually anywhere, as long as the ground is firm and level. The adaptability of these portable toilets makes them a perfect option for establishments such as camping and caravan sites. They have a flush mechanism and hand sanitisers containing anti-bacterial hand gel to maintain high levels of hygiene.

If there are going to be babies or young children at your function, you may want a baby change facility. One option we offer is to incorporate our Baby Changing Shelf into a Standard Toilet with Disabled Access. The larger floor space in the Disabled loo is ideal when babies need changing or young children need the toilet.

standard portable toilet

VIP Portable Toilets

Our VIP Toilet is a fresh water flush unit allowing all users to wash their hands, providing a safer, healthier environment for workers and event goers. It also features an easy clean, ergonomic, attractive appearance that looks great on any job.

The VIP Toilet design means that it will not take up too much space at your event site, and it is also lightweight, making it easy to transport. The high density construction makes it last long and easy to clean.

VIP portable toilet